If anyone out there cares to know a bit of history about me…

I’m pushing sixty and it’s pushing back.

Married. Two grown children and seven and 8/9ths grandchildren.

Drove trucks, managed a multi-million dollar business and retired.

Started a second career…Industrial Electrical Tech in a local steel mill…Retired.

Began writing songs, poems and stories, way back last century (1990)

Performed on stage (singer/songwriter) for about fifteen years.

Found an on-line friend (Morgen Bailey) and she became my editor and mentor.

Morgen says that she likes my work and believes that I’m capable of doing this blog thing.

I hope to live up to her expectations.

When I figure this thing out, I will be leaving stories and poems on my site for you.

When I learn how to allow feedback to the work, I hope to hear from readers.

Feel free to be brutal. Morgen never pulls any punches, so I’ve developed a thick skin.

Thanks for stopping by.