He stared at the tarnished “6” on the apartment door and wondered.
What if the on-line service got it wrong? What if she’s hideous or worse yet, a man.
What if she spies through the peephole and sees him as the beast? What if…
He sucked up his courage, closed his eyes and leaned forward to knock, just as the door swung
“George!” She scolded, because George’s knuckles were firmly planted on her chest.
“K-Karen?” He stuttered as he recognized the voice of his ex-girlfriend. George opened his
eyes. “What the hell are you doing here?
She shot back. “I live here, you twit! Now kindly take your hand off my boob!”
George yanked back his hand, as if snake bitten.
“But you moved to the coast like a year ago, right after you dumped me. What gives?”
“Yeah. California wasn’t for me, too many fruits, nuts and weirdos. I didn’t fit in so, I came
back to Boston.”
“OK then. So, you came home, filled out the forms and we somehow got reunited?”
“Oh, holy hell! You’ve got to bee kidding. Over half a million people in town and they find a
way to link me back to you?”
George shrugged. “Guess so. Their site gave me this address with instructions to show up
tonight, and meet… you.”
Karen glared. “If that true, you’d think that they would have given me a heads up. Yes?”
“Look, Care Bear. I don’t know what happened on your end. I came here tonight because
of a computer match, that’s all. I’m sorry to have bothered you…again”
Karen’s hard look softened. She grinned.
“Ya know George, I think it’s gonna be OK. It’s not like were strangers. What the hell?
If your game, so am I. Let me grab my coat.”

As they headed down the hallway, something odd caught George’s eye
“That’s strange.” He said. A second apartment number six?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I’m looking at apartment six right here, but we just left apartment six…your place.”
“No. Mine is apartment number nine. It’s just that the screw fell out, so it hangs like a six.”
As he gawked at the real number six, the door creaked open.
A blue haired, sixtyish, wisp of woman slowly stepped into the hallway asking,


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Took a WP University lesson…

I’m still trying to figure this Blog thing out.

I see that the pros have pictures to start their pages and that works.

I haven’t found out how to put my picture in my gavatar circle, even though I  did make the account on the second page. Putting a picture on the start of a Blog page would be great but that placement alludes me.

I hope that the lessons work and I can do as my editor believes me capable.

Oh well, here goes nothing.

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Chapter 1

This is my first attempt to write on a “blog”

I’d love to copy and past some of my work on here and see how that looks but as of right now, I’m just winging it.

My editor, Morgen Bailey, assures me that the blogging isn’t hard and with practice, can be easy…Falling down stairs, speeding, rambling…all easy. This is not.

I figured that the best way to go at this was to just jump in. How bad can it be.

Everyone that is blogging, Face-Booking, Tweeter-ing, Snap-yapping…etc. Had to have started from square one…Yes?

So, excuse my ignorance as I muddle my way through this.

If I do well…Yay, Me!

If I crash and burn…Well that would suck. But I promise, if that happens I will close down my silly little site and find another way to get my stories read.

Well, here goes nothing…

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First blog post

This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

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